Animal rights , Human wrong

از هیچ حیوان نباید سواستفاده شود یا به بهانه ی واهی سرگرمی مورد آزار قرار گیرد. متاسفانه امروزه ظلم و ستم به حیوانات به نوعی سرگرمی تبدیل شده است .

این روند غیر اخلاقی ست، با محکوم کردن این اعمال کمک کنید تا حیوانات به زندگی طبیعی برگردند.

کمپین تاثیرگذاری از peta

کاری از آژانس تبلیغاتی Rocket Yard


سید مصطفی اختریان

No animal deserves to be abused or worse in what is a lame excuse for ‘entertainment’. Such events are unethical and unjustified. Boycott cruelty disguised as entertainment and help return animals back to the life they truly deserve.

Our thinking twists behaviour on its head in a radical manner, softened only by its visual approach. Its understated visual dynamic is determined to make people see a story conveying jollity, only to then twist that impression and reveal the serious message that lies within. The headline has a beautiful dual meaning, with its conventional meaning supplemented by how animals are effectively righting human wrongs. This helps explain the concept, while avoiding the headline and visual combining to form the dreaded ‘say what you see approach’.

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